Cycle Kit

The one-stop site for UK cycling clubs.
We run the kit distribution logistics for you.

Are your members finding it difficult to get hold of club-kit?
Do they have to rely on the Sunday-morning out-of-the-boot-before-the-race supply chain?

We have the solution:

  • We hold your club's kit
  • Your members order on-line
  • 24 - 48 hours later your members have the kit

How it works:

  • You send us your kit with recommended members-price (we will add a percentage to cover our costs etc.)
  • We provide site-access details to the club secretary for the club-admin section
  • The club secretary enters members' names and post codes
  • The club secretary makes available a special code to their members
  • The members log-in on the CycleKit-site (either directly or through a link from the club-site)
  • The members order and pay for kit and carriage on the CycleKit-site
  • CycleKit periodically transfers moneys received to the club's account

Other information:

  • We provide an admin-section for the club secretary
  • The admin section contains the clubs' stock and sales figures
  • The admin section may be used as a member's directory if desired
  • There will be a message board for (logged-in) club-members
  • There will be a provision to have your kit made by us